Bliss of the pure heart

Such a bliss of a pure heart,
arising from itself, 
whose only purpose is the bliss itself, 
caused by nothing. 
What an infinite inner joy, 
what a limitless love for all beings, 
what an unbelievable kindness, 
what a devotion to that, which is. 
What an absolute invulnerability. 
What an unshakable inner trust,
that everything is good just as it is. 
Thank you God! I thank you, you whom that I am.   

Soreia, 07/2005       


Ocean of the Self

How to describe the indescribable,
How to express that which cannot be said?
How to find words
that have never been spoken
How to facilitate seeing for those who do not see
And to describe what nobody has yet described?
And a ceaseless, constant merging
with blissful being
from which there is no escape…
The infinite Ocean pulls into its depths
and all is submerged in it and melts into it.
Intoxicating depths of Being
swallows the waves of the infinite Sea
and all around is dissolved
into the infinite depth.
The dark depths of Love of the Sea
destroy with infinite finality the waves
that give the seeming appearance
of being able to exist on their own
And the unending Love of the unchangeable Being
swallows all eternally,
in the forgiving Bliss of Light.  

How to express thanks to the Ocean,
which affectionately surrounds and fulfills,
in which nothing is missing?  

Through merging with it,
it became clear
to the drop, which surrendered one day,
that it never was anything
but the one, eternal and unchanging,
Ocean of its own Self.  


Soreia 12/2008  





Grace surrounds me, grace penetrates me.
Each cell of my body vibrates with grace.
Waves of grace descend 
and wash over my body. 
Almost I lose consciousness with grace.

Blissful with grace, my life - one grace.
Fulfilled and satisfied by Your strength
I lie here in Your arms, oh Grace,
in fulfillment, in a joy from beyond the world.

Drowned in grace, caressed by grace,
loved by grace.
She quivers through me.
How much grace can man sustain?

Illusions, desires and hopes of a human life
buried forever.
They were allowed to go, grace be thanked. 
Connections to people and earth are released, 
what remains is the pure bliss of Being.

The joy of grace surrounds and fills me
Deeper and deeper I fall into those waves.
Drunk with grace, I bathe in the waves of Your Forgiveness,
oh Lord, and grace carries.

From within grace I observe your pain
feeling nothing but grace.
Only empathy flows-can it still be called empathy?
It isn’t empathy anymore, instead it is pure grace.

I wish for nothing,
You alone are enough, and my extinguished Being.
To be a nobody, how priceless,
to be All-One,
the highest human fulfillment in God’s grace.     


March 2012



You are eternal bliss

Bubbling bliss, each moment, from morning till evening, night and day.
No matter what you feel, no matter what you think, it is just a blade of grass on your surface.
No chance to get rid of it… no matter what is going on, no matter what they say about you, no matter how they judge you;  just a blade of grass on your surface…
You are eternal bliss… 
No escape, you are an ocean of bliss; you cannot not to be what you are. 
Being an ocean of bliss is not your experience, it is your pure nature. On the contrary, your daily life is an experience mirroring the peaceful and blissful vastness that you really are. 
You are full of grace, a never ending whirlpool of bubbling bliss. 
And everything what you perceive appears within this eternal grace, within your Self, as a blade of grass on your surface.  

Soreia, 06/2013