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What does Awakening mean?

A talk with Soreia, by Kensho, Advaita-Prague, in April 2005

Question: What does Awakening mean to you?

Soreia: The phenomenon of Awakening as such does not exist from the perspective of the Absolute, because in reality nobody exists who could possibly wake up. Nevertheless, we can look at this paradox from different perspectives.

One can say that God, as the universal life-energy and infinite depth of consciousness, identifies with a certain object, and binds Himself as an individual consciousness, in order to know Himself. Since God himself created this boundary, He is at the same time the only one who has the ability to end this false identification, and to recognize Himself as Absolute Consciousness. When God ends this false identification through the recognition of his own Totality, one speaks of the so-called Awakening, or the recognition of reality.

From the personal, individual perspective, Awakening means a sudden, inner, (not intellectual), clear recognition of the illusory reality of the world, and the realization of the fact that nothing, and nobody exists. Man discovers his fictitious existence, and realizes that he never existed as an independent being, separated from God.

He realizes that he is merely an instrument of a higher power, and that he has no free will. All thoughts, emotions, and impulses that he perceived to be his own, are products of consciousness. Suddenly, it is clear that all other beings are only objects, dreamed within consciousness, which appear to possess a personal-individual existence, and that the one who dreams and the dream, are one and the same. At the same time, comes the realization of the fact that man was never able to exist as an independent being, separate from his source, and that everything, and the only thing that exist, is consciousness.

During Awakening, a sudden and radical transcending occurs – in my case I would rather speak of a break of the horizontal line of material existence by the vertical reality, which symbolizes consciousness. This sudden breakthrough meant for me a merciless collision with the infinite depths of consciousness. In this shocking realization of its own non-existence, the ego collapsed, and fell into the infinite void, and dissolved itself within absolute Being. When we look at Awakening from the absolute perspective of non-duality, then the world has only an illusory existence, and is merely a manifestation in consciousness. If nobody exists, and if all is absolute Being, who then could awaken, and who could fall asleep? From the perspective of Totality, an awakening cannot possibly exist. The only thing that exists is THAT, Atman, Unity, infinite depth of consciousness. From the perspective of the core of our existence, we can say that there is nothing to achieve, nothing to gain, and nothing to lose. None of your actions can improve, embellish, or diminish THAT which you are here and now – absolute consciousness.



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Question: How can our readers attain Awakening?

Soreia: Awakening is an act of Grace, and no one exists who could earn Grace in any way. Awakening is the recognition of our true nature; it is our birthright. If Awakening were dependent on anything, or if it could be brought about, if something could wake us up, then it would not be an awakening. Awakening can only happen on its own (from the All-One), and is out of our hands. From the relative perspective of individuality, we can say that the fact that awakening is happening in this life is rooted in previous incarnations. The individual harvests the ripening fruits of his actions from previous lives.

Question: What techniques do you recommend, and what is your experience?

Soreia: There are no techniques, methods, or meditations that could result in, or provoke an awakening, and neither can it be acquired.  We are talking about pure Grace. If Awakening occurs in combination with other techniques, then it happens not as a result of, but despite those methods. Besides silence and quietness, preparatory methods exist like meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, chanting, Reiki, or energy-work. These methods, practiced from the perspective an individual, who is separated from his source, do not lead to an awakening, but can help the person lead a healthy and disciplined life.

Our path towards Awakening can be strengthened, by training ourselves to practice these methods from the perspective of the absolute and only subject. This means, from the perspective of the infinite depths of consciousness, which is all, and with the understanding that there is nobody (no Body) who could practice these methods. Then you do not practice silence, and you do not meditate, but you ARE silence and you ARE meditation.

The only way to recognize God is to be God. God is our innermost core, our immediate presence, and we can always be aware of this direct transcendental presence. We can perceive it as the absolute presence within the heart of our experiences.

The longing for the realization of our true nature is usually raised through contact with a self-realized teacher, who is really nothing but our own Self. This connection has a spiritual, rather than a personal character, and it draws the mind into the heart, and thereby gradually helps foster the growing discovery of our true nature. For this reason, the connection to a person who has realized the truth plays an important part on the road towards Awakening.

The wise one helps dissolve the feeling that one is the author of one’s actions, and promotes the understanding that nobody exists, who could be captured, or who needs to be liberated. He reinforces your conviction that you are free now, and that you are freedom itself. 



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Finally, I would like to add that life is, and remains an eternal mystery. In this mystery “each individual” passes through his individual and unique process of realizing the truth as a divine, unique specimen. Therefore it is not possible to apply general suggestions and techniques to all beings, since each being is simultaneously an expression and experience of the infinite possibilities of the various paths towards self-realization.

Therefore “the” way towards Awakening does not exist, in the same way that “the” method or “the” Guru, who would be suited for all, do not exist. There exists an “outer”, and an “inner” Guru, and in many cases the Awakening happens without the outer Guru. Our inner Guru exists in our heart, and we can always be conscious of it.

On the “way that leads nowhere” each individual navigates his own path towards the realization that the truth is hidden within us. This realization is only possible when we listen to our heart.

To serve the truth, therefore does not mean to serve an outer Guru, but instead to serve the inner Guru. It means to serve and to trust our own heart. Life itself is the highest Guru and God lives in our hearts as our own I.

Once we learn to love what is, as the momentary expression of totality, this path leads to the dissolution of all desires, expectations, and ambitions of the mind to the bliss of our Being. In this bliss of the heart, the last thing to dissolve is the longing for our Awakening.  When this longing disappears, then Awakening is already knocking at the door.