* Awakening *



Clear recognition from the

personal perspective

From the personal, individual perspective, Awakening means a sudden, inner, (not intellectual), clear recognition of the illusory reality of the world, and the realization of the fact that nothing, and nobody exists.

Man discovers his fictitious existence, and realizes that he never existed as an independent being, separated from God.

He realizes that he is merely an instrument of a higher power, and that he has no free will.

All thoughts, emotions, and impulses that he perceived to be his own, are products of consciousness.

Suddenly, it is clear that all other beings are only objects, dreamed within consciousness, which appear to possess a personal-individual existence, and that the one who dreams and the dream, are one and the same.

At the same time, comes the realization of the fact that man was never able to exist as an independent being, separate from his source, and that everything, and the only thing that exist, is consciousness.

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