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Enlightenment of the body


- Years after the awakening –

Soreias speech at the Enlightenment-Congress in Berlin,
September 2012 

“I’m happy to be here in Berlin. I have known now for a year that I must go to Berlin. Twenty-nine years ago, I stood on the other side, in East Berlin, and looked to the West. At that time, the iron curtain and the wall were still there.

Several days ago, I was allowed to walk through the Brandenburg Gate, and for this treasure, for this body, it was a very, very different experience; it was a most beautiful moment. I was deeply moved, and it was wonderful to be able to simply walk through the gate. The tears were flowing. It was a significant moment. It was simply beautiful. In a couple of days, I’ll walk once more through the Brandenburg Gate, and I know that at that time there will only be bliss. Here in Berlin, I have a very different perception; one that I am unable to have in Munich, one that I am unable to have in Aachen, or in Prague.

Some seven months after the awakening, I came to realize that humans are in essence made of compulsions, and that these compulsions are being served over and over again. Injuries or trauma are being stored somewhere in our body, and consequently our whole human existence revolves around them.

I had lived my realization of what I am for about seven months, with the entire conditioning having simply fallen away. Later, all of it was, figuratively speaking, brought out of storage in order to be looked at once more. My experience was that I was first allowed to observe all the disharmonies of the Spirit, and after peace entered the Spirit-in a manner of speaking, I became aware that much was still stored in the body. I recognized that the gyrating thought is nothing but stress in the nervous system. For me it was, and is essential to remain vigilant, and to recognize where tension is evidently building in the body. That then becomes the personality that is being created, this illusory personality. But if we have the courage to look inside this tension, and to release it, and transform it, then all that remains is our true essence.

And so it was, and still remains my path, to constantly look where tensions arise, or how my body reacts, in order to adjust the body to awareness. The understanding was already there that nothing exists but awareness, however the body takes much longer; it limps behind for a long time. So it became very, very important for me to determine when compulsion starts, or what motivation lies behind it and to differentiate between the two. The challenge for me is to live the essence to the best of my ability, and to observe closely when a bodily tension arises.



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And so I live my life step by step with each detail. I look where the body develops impatience, for example. The challenge lies in the moment, and what is practiced now so that the body does not develop any impatience, but instead that all, all becomes well rounded. I find it beautiful not to judge anymore. From my perspective, everything happens, and nobody can really do anything. We cannot deliberately pick somebody up, we cannot really help anyone; instead, helping happens. We can help to a certain degree, but we are not responsible for the outcome. Otherwise it would mean that here there is an individual who acts, and that is not so.

So I live life as it unfolds, with the understanding that the divine works in each one of us in its own way, and I have a very, very deep trust that all is as it should be, and I simply observe how my system reacts to it. For me it is very, very important to be in peace, to be HERE, present in each moment of my life. That was in essence the path after the awakening, and it continues to eternally move ahead.

It is exciting, and I assume that it never ends. For me there is no arriving, only a continuous delving into this beauty and purity of Being. There is very, very little to say, because it is very difficult to explain things. But I can take you along if you allow it, if, God willing, the readiness is there. Then I can show you what I speak of.

But I cannot do anything, I cannot do anything for anybody. Similarily we do not have control over if awakening happens, or not. We are completely helpless, we simply observe here through this body, and perceive what is. We are the perception, and if we are not drawn into the mind, then all is well as it is. If the mind is pulled into the heart, then we develop an entirely different frequency that lies beyond our concepts. All happens, and we can let it happen. I see that my relationships have become beautiful, that I am much, much more patient in regards to my son. I simply let go of everything, and have this deep trust that I cannot do anything.The only thing I can do, or better said, what I cannot do, is to be here, as best as I am capable of. To be in this presence, to be what I am, the true essence.

I am very practical. I have worked with people, and had to find solutions. I could not rely on concepts; I could not give somebody a concept and say, take that home.



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I have heard many good tips, and then I asked: Okay and does it work?But on this level of the heart, in our true Self, we are all connected with each other. Here we do not need any language. Here we are what we are in truth; each one of us. That’s what we are, what we were, and what we will always be. We are home. Each one of us is home. And each one of us can discover this in his or her own unique way.

Each system has a unique way to bring the truth out. And all happens as it happens, and as it should be. It is a blessing to be allowed to live in this understanding, and in this trust. It is the greatest gift of my life, even though I do not have a personal life with it.

In essence, an individual life does not exist. Only this unending vastness exists, which experiences itself in unique ways in the varying body-/soulmechanisms, and nobody can be any different from how he/she is. Each one is wonderful, each one is unique, each one is perfect, suited for the entire game, from our self, from our SELF, from the ONE, UNIQUE, ABSOLUTE. And the challenge for us is to bring the wealth of our true nature, our true essence into our relative life, and to live it here, together.

When we love, we are always on the right path. We do not need any concepts. If our philosophy is friendliness, nothing occurs. The word philosophy is really not the right word, but I am only able to speak in concepts. When one is here in this peace, in this beauty, in this harmony, then certain qualities unfold from the essence. And then we are able to bring peace, compassion, and love to those who have not experienced them in this world, and that’s the majority of people.

Because almost no-one knows what unconditional love is. What a human being knows is simply an attachment to a form. The challenge for us is this silent, unconditional love. I call it love, but it really is neutral. It is completely neutral. It is like a sun that illuminates all, and honors all in the understanding that we know, in the duality of this world both sides of the coin must be lived. It is always only a  question of how we approach it, and how we look at it.

We need no concepts when we live from the heart;  when we live from the true Self, then the Absolute lives in our heart as our true I. We need not question anything. We can go with the flow of life. But is it essential for us to perceive what the voice of the Highest says, and not to turn to our concepts and compulsions, and this differentiation is here very, very important.

I am of the opinion that the new man, the one who has been talked about for twenty or thirty years, or even longer, is the one who lives this frequency of the heart. Otherwise we act from low energie centers, or from the intellect, and then we can be manipulated.

I have no desires, I expect nothing, for me all is as it is. It is beautiful to be here. It would also be beautiful not to be here. It really does not figure. It makes no difference, - and the state of being „in-different“ is very, very importent for our liberation.


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For me, the awakening was a very, very big shock, and it took me several days to really cope with this state, and to accept it. I realized that awakening alone does not free us. Not only did I search for love in my life, but also for absolute freedom, and I noticed that the awakening alone was not yet it. We must also free this body, because it is filled with impressions from the mass-consciousness. It carries impressions from our ancestors as well as old wounds. We carry all within us, and we act from our pain. To realize this is very important.

For me absolute freedom lies in healing all that is stored within us. But not only in us. The impressions contain the entire mass-consiousness, the entire suffering of the earth. One day you awaken, and perceive this horrendous suffering, and you know there is no escape. It is in you, it is all in you, and nothing matters in our life, except acceptance. To be in agreement, to be in the moment, to be present, to BE, as much as it is possible for us, step by step.

Life offers us wonderful possibilities, from morning to evening, to work on our tensions. It is designed to be so, but unfortunately we have not realized a great deal. Our life is a great gift. We live in our domain very, very far away from the source, very far away from the laws of nature, and here we encounter the otherness. But only through it are we able to truly realize what lies within us, after the motto: Man know thyself.

And so each day, each single day is a gift, if we are willing. I always say, as God wills. We are unable to do anything, we are not individual actors. We cannot let go; letting go either happens, or it doesn’t. On the other hand, we cannot ever say that nothing happens, because we are simply not able to perceive it. On an energetic level much, much is happening.

And so we have the precious possibility to discover ourselves moment by moment. Here, we are discovering in the duality what is still hidden within us, what we can heal within us. It heals itself, by itself,through ourselves.

People live an outward life. They have no understanding what it is about, and why we are here. It is about these internal processes. We cannot take anything with us, except what we understood, what we learned, what we released. And that is a wonderful gift of this life. It is a rough diamond that wants to be cut.

But even this needs to be disputed again from the absolute perspective, because all happens as it happens, and the challenge is to simply allow it. It takes courage, courage to be true to oneself, and to have the willingness to look at one‘s pain, or at the tensions that have built in our cells over eons, and which are presented to us through our nervous system. It is an incredible chance."