* Teaching *




Seen as a collective, humanity is sleeping. It is caught in a hypnotic state and nobody can wake it up. Why is there so much suffering in the world? Why are there wars? BECAUSE MAN THINKS. And unfortunately he is much too proud of his intellect.
The world won’t change, and cannot change, until man stops thinking. The fall into thinking, into intellect, more than 20.000 years ago, is the reason the world is as it is today. Man split himself from his true essence, and as he lives in today’s world, he lives in his false personality. This false personality’s ongoing and primary focus is self-interest, money, self-gratification, domination, and manipulation of others. He himself hardly realizes this anymore because he exists in the hypnotic, mechanical state of his own materialism und consumption. The identification of man with his false personality; its constraints, imaginations, ties and attachments reinforce what is false within him and ensure that his true essence submits to the false personality.
The real true “I” can only grow out of man’s original essence, out of his spiritual heart. Therefore the false personality (mind and thinking), with all its ideas, conditioning, and ties has to dissolve in order to release the essence of a man. Humility and devotion serve as instruments to dissolve or break the false personality.
It’s a difficult and long struggle against a man’s many habits and attachments that serve as a buffer and defense against his own pain. Therefore most people are understandably much too weak to pursue this path.
This path requires the ability to discern; the ability to really see the false personality and to then very consciously and gradually break it. This realization can only occur from a different perspective, from a higher perception, or as a result of a shock, and this transformation requires a great deal of courage and determination. But this is the only way we are able to advance towards our true essence.
The prerequisite is of course the realization that freedom from identification MUST BE the first and ONLY SIGNIFICANT priority in the life of an adult.
At the same time a person must recognize that all other human beings are machines like him. Otherwise he continues to live as a slave to everything that happens to him.
Therefore the Buddha said: “Mindfulness is the only virtue”.
When you do not possess the mindfulness to discern between what is true and false then you live identified with and bound to the world, in a hypnotic sleep, as the victim of your own self-delusion.