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The Path of Devotion    

The path of Bhakti is a path of devotion.

To surrender to a higher power demands obedience. Obviously this is a big sacrifice and an overwhelming problem.  In this day and age it is virtually impossible to convince a person to be obedient. Look at the children; it already starts here. And one day man will have to realize that all efforts were meaningless.
Only in devotion does the “false personality” dissolve because it is not strengthened but instead devotion weakens it until it is completely dissolved.
Regardless of the path you choose, devotion will always be associated with it; it will always be with you, and you will learn to let go of everything.
The fight against the sleep of man is the fight against his habits, against what he dislikes, but at the same time against what he likes best, because that is what he is addicted to…whoever understands that man functions like a machine controlled by its compulsions also understands the need to surrender to a higher power in order to escape this “false personality”.
This entire “false personality”, this entire blind mechanical existence of man is built upon his compulsions and attachments. Here is where most people fail because they cannot surrender;  the ego is entirely too strong.
But one day when man realizes his helplessness and, above all, his vanity, and has the willingness to allow his “false personality” to die, then this helps his inner growth since he can now let go of parts and aspects of the “false I” that imprison him and hinder his evolution.
It is only through devotion with one’s entire being, through dissolution of desires, through abandonment of old concepts and structures, in essence, through the permanent fixation on the Highest Will that it is possible, God willing, to escape from the collective hypnosis.