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Devotion as key

to realizing our true essence


One day I was asked if there is an arriving for me. According to my perception there is no arriving after the arrival, only an ever deeper delving into the eternal, absolute Being, a melting with the all-encompassing reality in purity, silence, and clarity.
Within a split-second of becoming aware of the truth, it becomes crystal clear that one could never exist as a being separated from God, that one does not exist, and that one never had an individual life. Nonetheless the old patterns return sooner or later in order to be transformed. Facing them is therefore unavoidable.
And so one continues to experience happiness and sorrow even after the awakening because the former attachments have not yet been dissolved. They still remain in the body-mind-system, even though they do not refer to anyone anymore.
The inner freedom that man longs for so much and for which he has been searching for eternities is the freedom from his own conditioning and from his own thinking. Therefore the way to self-realization is a peaceful fight against human habits; against that what one does not like, but at the same time against what one loves too much, because that’s what one is held by.
Only devotion to Being, as it unfolds in every moment and acting against our bondages offers us the opportunity to leave our “false personality”. Only when the character-traits and aspects of the “false I” are released, the true essence can come to the foreground.
Through inner acceptance and by embracing what is, our desires are dissolved and old concepts and structures are abandoned. To follow the eternal, absolute Being and not one’s own compulsions, and to distinguish one from the other is an important step on the spiritual path.
The illusion tries to trap us again and again and therefore discrimination, awareness, and clarity are necessary attributes that help us first identify what’s wrong, and then consciously dissolve it one step at a time. This awareness can only happen from a different perspective, from a higher plane, and its implementation requires quite some courage and determination. Only in this way can we reach our true essence. The prerequisite to this is the understanding that freedom from identification is the first and ONLY MEANINGFUL priority in the life of any awakening human being.
In daily life an ongoing deepening of the understanding that life is a projection of consciousness occurs; all thoughts, emotions and actions are projected onto all the body-mind-systems. Thus it becomes impossible to hold someone else responsible for our own feelings, because everything that happens is simply a projection of consciousness onto the system. In this context it becomes clear how important forgiveness is for the deliverance from past accumulated pain. Forgiveness is essential for the release from old attachments. In the understanding of this process of ever delving deeper and deeper, awareness and gratitude emerge for all situations and circumstances, which in turn help us to reflect on what we are still reacting to.  


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When the spirit has gained its clarity, the time has come to transform the consciousness in the body; to pour the power of the one, all-pervading Being into each cell and anchor it there. The final understanding of the truth and its living implementation are only possible through an alchemistical transformation and can only be reached through a process of biological mutations involving the whole organism. The nervous system, previously exclusively geared towards an individual, adjusts for years to a shift of reality – to a new reality without any individual reference. The body has to first learn to cope with the loss of the individual reference point. The old values must collapse and give way to the new and the body has to learn that a point of reference no longer exists, and that in reality it never existed.
The former way of acting from the past is released through the gradual dissolution in the body of all tensions which represent the “I-Attachement” in the form of a personality. As tensions express themselves in the body, they show clearly what is still being stored within the system. A thought is perceived as stress by the nervous system and as we practice not reacting and not expressing our feelings, tensions that are the result of our former actions, and thoughts, and that are stored in our nervous system are gradually being released.
The body-system has accumulated many traumas and much pain. It is quite demanding to look into every corner – but Grace is merciless. It illuminates everything and if man has not let go of all his attachments, it will not be possible for him to live permanently in absolute Being. Everything that arises as tension in the nervous system can be transformed, eliminated, or refined. And therein lie the great gifts of time after the awakening. Everything has to go, because this pure state of being does not tolerate any form of pollution.
Every impression accumulated by the mind – everything that made a lasting impression - must go. All personal impressions, as well as those of the collective consciousness, the entire world pain, and the entire history of mankind are flushed out from the cells. It is an intensive process, and no impression and nothing is spared. Every cell of the body is completely renewed and saturated with the bliss of absolute Being.
The alchemistical process of physical transformation represents a radical transformation of the consciousness within our cells, and the body has to first learn devotion. The mental power over the body is replaced by spiritual power.
Understanding occurs in each cell of the body; it is not a mental process. Being is a deep, inner knowledge that resonates in each cell. It is not intellectual knowledge as we know it. This knowledge is in the body and anchored in each cell. Each cell knows the truth. It knows how to live life in harmony, it knows the cosmic laws. After this transformation the body feels less rough; it feels very subtle, soft, ethereally-permeable, pervaded by the strength of the refinement of its own transcendental nature; a permanent presence – an open, pure, soft heart, whose tender vibrations and waves expand from head to toe on the inside and outside. 

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This state of Being, this purity and softness cannot be described with words and is also strongly felt by people in the vicinity. The more tensions we release, the more we embody the divine in this ongoing process, and the purer and clearer our radiation becomes. The more we rid ourselves of bodily ballast, the more we can take others along. And so one’s own development is directly linked to the development of the group.
During further development it becomes increasingly clear that man can only be self-realized and thus function on the divine level when he has abandoned all attachments to people and the earth. Personal bias and attitudes have to be forsaken step by step, and then a neutral attitude sets in that’s based on the understanding that everything is an expression of the totality of life in which good cannot exist without bad, nor the beautiful without the ugly.
In accordance with the law of resonance the body-mind system follows its destination – the truth – and therefore a separation from everything, and everyone that does not resonate with the vibration of truth must occur sooner or later. Because only life in accord with the laws of nature, in complete surrender to the absolute, eternal Being, to the own Self, can lead to the final, absolute freedom, which lies beyond freedom and non-freedom.
The absolute freedom man seeks lies in the acceptance of the moment or better yet, in the complete surrender to life. Everything that happens is accepted as being of equal value. This is the precondition to attaining final freedom. It requires the renouncing of all desires, concepts, and expectations. Bliss sets in when a person has shed all desires, when she is fulfilled in the Self, through the Self alone.
Teaching does not result from a lesson, but from the encounter of various energy-systems that react to each other. Everything happens from the level of silence, out of the depths of Being, out of the moment, completely unprepared in the observation of what is happening in the present moment. There is no teacher and no student, only the bliss of being. This silence nourishes and fulfills. It is the silence of the heart, of sanctuary, of the pure and true benevolence of God, of deep peace. The moment is of such beauty and intensity that language and words can only appear as pure cruelty.
After everything had been said initially, teaching occurred for years in silence, through the sight of Grace, through which the human system was purified and transformed. Since for some this energy was too powerful, a request for speech arose. Others asked for verbal support and supervision during their processes.
Teaching often happens in silence, because there it is most powerful. The expression of silence and the perception of one’s own essence are so powerful that nobody volunteers to return to the use of speech afterwards. Silence as the language of the divine, clarity of perception, a deep feeling of purity, and understanding in each cell and throughout the body.



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In encounters with others this deepening is expressed, among other ways, by placing oneself fully and entirely at their disposal. This means that out of brotherly love one fully surrenders to the other and physically takes all his burdens, his entire negativity onto oneself. In this mutual agreement all negativity and foreign energy is consciously taken onto oneself and the other is allowed to unload all into one’s own body. All suffering and burdens are absorbed through the light and transformed into higher energy. In addition, these burdensome energies are attracted, integrated, and filtered by one’s own system, so that they are freshly cleansed when they flow back to the individual and to the group.
Work does not occur at eye level, but, if one could say so, “below eye-level”, because the position of absolute devotion to the Highest and of service to the other is taken. Meeting below eye-level symbolizes a gesture of appreciation and respect for the divine in man, the compassion to be together with him in his pain and sorrow. It expresses the love which loves and accepts unconditionally. With most, this attitude alone brings to the surface the deep pain of not being accepted, which can then be healed. At the same time one perceives the pain of separation; the pain of being separate from the love that one has been seeking one’s entire life.
Relative life, as it expresses itself on the basis of absolute, eternal Being, is an invitation to man to participate in his own inner processes and to learn. Awed by Being and carried away into his own depths, man is being polished like a diamond. Each situation, each moment, everything in his life presents an opportunity with the potential for devotion and growth, in order to lead him to his inner freedom. Immersed in Being and permeated with Being, one acts according to an impulse for the good of all involved. Actions happen unintentionally and take place as an answer to outer impulses. Things are not set in motion; acting is experienced as non-acting; playful, unimportant in regards to the results of the actions.
Freedom from the world happens in Being, when bondage to the world of forms ceases to exist. Perception through the senses is intensified because they are saturated by pure Being. Love, goodness, silence and purity increase more and more, because they are in accordance with inner Being. Inner peace sets in when one understands the perfection of the universe with its laws of nature, when the confidence exists that everything is as it should be, since there never was an individually acting person.
The freedom that man searches is the Unity within his mind, the fulfillment within oneself. When the mind is immersed in Being and experiences the joy and unlimited freedom of its own, eternal nature then it stops attaching itself to objects, and looking for fulfillment outside of itself.
The more the nervous system is purified, the more it mirrors Being. Immersed in its absolute, everlasting nature, the individual mind is gradually transcended towards perfect Being; the absolute, eternal Being, the very foundation of everything to the highest and final reality, hidden in itself.