* Love *


Love me as you would love a child.

Question: The remote Darshan today was wonderful! At first I noticed a cleansing, felt somewhat freer and later I "was briefly gone," perhaps I was sleeping, but only for a few minutes ... Also an increase, I perceived an increase in energy. This was a very beautiful experience and my entire consciousness/system longs for this, to intensify it more and more ...
And when I think that it will take another 6 days until the next Darshan, then this seems too long for me!
During the day, as a result of the Darshan, I was more balanced and felt centered. Dear Soreia, could YOU tell me from YOUR PERSPECTIVE if it is possible and meaningful to intensify this "process"? And in what form? THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU.

Soreia: Think of me; be with me in your heart deeply connected in love. Merge with me, and you become THAT, with which you are joining. You are in me and I am in you - one Self - this is the highest form of love, and at the same time the highest intimacy and fulfillment that one can give each other. It is universal, unconditional love. // Observe what is happening around you, become the observer of all things. Let life run its course freely, don’t try to avoid anything, hold on to nothing ... because even the attempt to hold this state of being is the first step towards losing it ... holding onto something means, according to the universal law, that the opposite experience, the experience of loss, will inevitably be called into life.
Be mindful. Be aware that every word of a man, every act has an emanation and impact on yourself and others, and can accordingly be invigorating, attractive, but also debilitating or repulsive. Stay centered within you; do not engage in fights and discussions with others. It will unnecessarily cost you your own energy when the intellect and dogmatism of others are trying to drag you to a lower level. You know, we do not stand for victory, "the last will be the first".
Be still and turn towards the light and the frequency of love. Love is the highest frequency; it penetrates and transforms everything, nothing can resist it, it is the highest divine intelligence. Connect yourself, if possible with people who are steeped in love. This will definitely only have strengthening effects on your energy field. The higher a human being stands, the more important it is for him that the mental level and alignment - the wavelength of the people with whom he is surrounded - suits him in thought, taste or even in all of nature.
Perceive the movie of your own life and be with me; ask and desire nothing of me. Love me as you would love a child, for in my way, I am pure and innocent, I follow no earthly purpose. My purpose is only the purity of being, pure awareness.
Clasp me in your heart. We two are inseparable; feel it, perceive it, perceive me within yourself. When you connect with my heart, you will discover that I am your own I, the one force in the universe that flows through everything. Immerse your mind in your heart. Be willing to give yourself to me and allow my strength to absorb you; and yet I ask nothing of you, because I already have everything.

I AM THE divine, and THAT provides me with everything in abundance...