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“Understanding occurs within the cells of the body, it is not a mental process.

BEING is a deep inner knowledge, which vibrates in each cell of the body… It is not a mental knowledge as it is known to man. It is rooted in the body, in each cell. Each cell knows the truth. It knows how to live life in harmony. It knows all the laws of nature. It is the law. You are created out from this law, you are the law. 

You are the SELF”.  

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“How could I not perceive your sorrow in myself and not feel your suffering, if you and I were not the same? 

ONE, absolute, eternal consciousness…  



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Spirituality is not something that you do on the side as a hobby. You must defer your whole life to spirituality. It has to be your first priority. You must distance yourself from all desires otherwise you won't be able to recognize who you truly are. Self-realization then occurs all on its own as a result of this. It is a law of nature.

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There’s nothing that I could give to you that you don’t already have. I can only show you how to recognize your own inner nature. Love, silence and peace are WHAT you truly are.

Begin with peace. Be at peace with WHAT IS. Be at peace with all your experiences, with all life offers to you. Being anchored in this all-encompassing love means to live an enlightened life.

When all concepts of the mind drop off, when you only observe, and when you are ready to feel all your emotions, then YOU ARE pure awareness. You are always at home. You never left home.  

You always have been THAT, and you always will be THAT. Therefore there is nothing that you need to do.  


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The mirror.

As you show yourself to me, so do I show myself to you. I can only surrender to you in the same way as you surrender to me. Because I am only a mirror, and therefore totally void; I only reflect your behavior. Therefore be not surprised about what you receive from me. It is what you gave to me.


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You are divine; you are the truth, the highest reality. All you have ever been looking for is in yourself.

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Words surface that would like to say “Thank you, that you understand me”.

But they can barely be spoken, because they have no real meaning.

They are unimportant, because they only relate to a story.

Considering the deep inner peace of the here and now, it is of no significance whether something has been understood or not, nor how the story ends.

This is ETERNAL peace.  


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It is so gratifying to align our consciousness with the absolute, all pervading, eternal reality.

Whatever we do out of love for God will nourish and uphold us.

And what we devote to the Highest will be returned to us a thousand fold”.


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The whole universe is one single consciousness; everything is woven into the fabric of Being.
When our loved ones leave us, you do not need to feel sad.
They merge with you and you with them.
They are closer to you than ever before.  They are you and you are them.
This is my direct experience.  

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I cannot tell you what you should do, or how you should behave,
and how you should mould your life. You must do what you must do.
I can only say: make truth your first priority.
When you have recognized who you are in truth, then you act as you act,
but without clinging to your actions, and without any false beliefs about them.
Then you execute His Will as a personified instrument of God.
As long as you seek unity within a relationship, you’ll always fail.

Unity can only be found within God, but not with any human person.  



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The truth about the Truth

Who likes to freely surrender „his own“ life to have it extinguished?

Who likes to hear that he does not exist and has no free will? 

These concepts are not pleasant, therefore one prefers to defend a vain ego, and the ego again and again fights a completely senseless fight.

And when one day the ego finally surrenders and when the Truth is realized through the Grace of the Highest, it is so mercilessly shocking that it takes a long time before the mind and the completely shocked nervous system can accept it and integrate it wholly.

A description of truth does not exist because truth cannot be described. One can only point to it. As a result everything that we say about the Truth is untrue, and therefore a lie.      

Words kill the Truth. 

The truth is that we cannot describe the Truth, and what we are able to describe is not the Truth. As a result it is impossible to talk about the truth. It is not possible to express the Truth with words.




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Leave your story

Most people prefer to maintain the veil of illusion and they do not want to know anything about the Truth – the argument with the Truth is not pleasant to them.  It is much more agreeable to remain in the old, imagined, false securities, because letting go of old structures hurts and comes with chaos and uncertainty.

As a result people tend to avoid their pain, and the entire human existence evolves into one strategy of denial based on a wide array of forces and the resulting flawed actions. Man is afraid of pain and suffering.

But the only way out is to accept suffering, and to submit to it, in order to be free from it. Otherwise man remains forever in this veil of his own imagination and he lives as in sleep, under the hypnosis of his own mind.




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True freedom emerges from your willingness
to let go of everything, at every moment,
especially yourself.  



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Whatever may happen - stay always within the silent, unconditional love.