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Working below “Eye-Level”

We live in a society that offers no possibilities to develop the qualities of our spirit and heart. Today’s fast moving world lacks an emotional intelligence and empathy in its interaction with other people; it lacks love, friendliness, harmony and tolerance. On our path we meet people who are lost. They no longer find fulfillment in the world, and at the same time they don’t find access to the divine. They have forgotten their own greatness, their own origin –that in fact they are the impersonal, absolute, and eternal consciousness.

During a meeting, carried by a quiet, unconditional love that goes beyond all concepts, the person is brought home with respect and dignity. In an atmosphere of truth and warmth, he meets goodness, which accepts him and does not condemn him; he meets a compassionate heart, which shares his feelings, fears and cares as its own.

Working below eye level is not a mental attitude – it is born from the quality of Being, it expresses itself in such attributes as humbleness, devotion, compassion, modesty, goodness and mercy. The more the personal aspect retreats back into our true nature, the more these pure qualities surface.

The person is being carried in his sorrow and pain with a deep understanding of his suffering. Here humility is shown before the all-one, absolute, and eternal nature of man, the devotion to the Divine in his being. A bowing down occurs before our own, impersonal eternity, before the absolute consciousness, which is present in the core of all forms. It is a sign of appreciation for the true essence of the person and an expression of all my love and simultaneously an invitation to him to love his own Self as much as I do.

What happens is not questioned but instead accepted with the understanding that one cannot help a person as he must first face his feelings. The suffering in his life, which he is currently experiencing, is for him an inevitable experience. The person must face his suffering and surrender to it, in order to outgrow it. 




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Consequently my own body, my own energy is fully made available so that together we shed the person’s tears. Often tears that he has not been able to shed or express are cried for him in order to move his emotional stress and dissolve blockages. This means taking him by the hand and taking on his negativity and fear of separation and to cleanse him. This requires the willingness to consciously take on the suffering of the other person and, without concepts, to take on his pain, and then pass through the pain until consciousness-energy is released, peace sets in, and healing takes place. 

Not to be afraid to touch the other person, to hug him, to kneel down in front of him. Nothing should be resisted when taking on his entire physical and energetic burdens in order to raise his energies which then raise the consciousness of our planet.

A meeting below eye-level is a meeting from the level of unconditional love; it represents one aspect of service, the motherly aspect. It is a meeting from the depths of being. Purified by wisdom, we serve from a level of clarity and discrimination.

It is an offering of one’s own potential, fully and completely, to the level of self-abandonment. It is a gesture that shows the person on which level I meet and see him –namely in his own divinity as my own Self.

The path to absolute pure consciousness is the path of retreating into pure Being and during which the personality is being transcended. The roles of disciple and teacher disappear. What remains is Being One with our fellow humans, a return into Unity, to our true nature, where the question after you and me no longer exists. In service to one’s own nature and in service to humanity working below eye-level is a decision, at every moment of life, for unconditional love. To devote one’s own life fully and completely to the Highest and to take along others, that is the divine path.