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Mastery and Tradition

Many people today are in search of the truth and as a result they are looking for an appropriate spiritual path, master, or tradition they could join.

This used to be tied in many traditions to techniques, proscriptions, and commandments and as a result the understanding emerged that only obedience to the master and fulfillment of designated duties and practices could lead to true inner peace or enlightenment. On our path of mastery of life we can only trust our own heart and follow it because it alone knows the way to inner freedom.

A true master is fulfilled through himself, he wants nothing from you, he doesn’t need you. He is like a gardener who enjoys the beauty of his flowers. Therefore he will tell you that you are free. He will not tell you what you have to do but through his impulses he will guide you to your own decisions and he will respect your path in life. The master is your own Self. He meets you in the most intimate manner possible and walks with you every step of the way.

A master distinguishes himself through his respect of the so-called free will. This respect reflects his spiritual maturity as much as his unconditional love towards all other beings. Part of this is to respect the decisions of the students and their paths.

Respect and love towards all living beings spring from a deep inner awareness that all that exists is consciousness. As Nisargadatta Maharaj said, “Become aware that you are nothing, this is wisdom. Become aware that you are everything, this is love”. Are you too searching for a spiritual tradition and have difficulty deciding which is the correct one? My advice is: stay independent! Build your own opinion according to your own experience, do not rely on others. Look through your own eyes and develop your own mastery. Why become dependent on Jesus or Buddha?  





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To end with tradition means to carry your own flame and kindle the light within others through your own way, because each one of us follows his unique path.

What do we have in common today with the lives of Jesus, Buddha or Ramana? Nothing… We have to make it on our own. These people lived according to their own ideas and opinions. We have to evolve from our own tradition, out of ourselves. We have to live our life, ourselves. This is our calling. The only thing we need in order to accomplish this is to go into silence. When you are silent you will discover your true nature. You will discover that you are already enlightened. This single experience is given to all of us, independent of our heritage and our talents. Why masters and traditions? Why not listen to the words of a sage? But stay independent and be yourself in any situation.

While you are searching, ask for the way, search for answers, but verify with yourself. You are your own authority because you must do what you have to do, make your own decisions; nobody else can do it for you.

Be yourself, not this or that. BE in the moment. This is the only responsibility you have. Not towards anyone else, not towards the masters or a tradition. Your responsibility is towards your inner voice, towards your own Self. You have to live your life according to your own understanding because only so can you retain your individuality and authenticity. Only so can you preserve your integrity. Only so can you become free. Free, as you already are, as you have always been, and as you will always be, in the Here and Now.

After recognizing the truth, it becomes clear that in reality neither traditions nor masters exist. The Self is the only reality. The Divine that one day recognized itself, is the only subject. The search, the one who searches, and the object of the search became One. The realization remains that nothing and nobody exists, and everything that happens occurs only as an illusory reflection within the Self; in WHAT is, what has always been and what will always be.