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Self-Expression, Self-Love and

the Mystery of Life


There is a force that expresses the whole universe and that force is you. Although the universe seems to be very real to us, it is nothing but an illusion in our mind. In reality there is no universe, it only appears in you. It does not exist, but it merely appears in your mind as a reflection in your consciousness.

Mesmerized through this illusion we enter the stage of our life and identify ourselves with the actor in our own play. In doing so we overlook that we are not the actor, but the force or power that actually enables the whole spectacle.

Why do I write these lines? Solely because the infinity which I am, expresses itself at this very moment, through myself. There is an impersonal need of an impersonal power to do that which has to be done just now. Thus “I” give in to this impulse, without any intent and without expecting a particular result that should occur. I simply observe what happens.

The nature of this force that we call infinite vastness, the source, the Self or the universal energy of life is fluctuation in all possible directions. This fluctuation produces thoughts and actions that are being carried out by a body-mind machinery. This fluctuation in the infinite width, an action of this power, the      I AM, is perceived in “my” body-mind machinery, and the ascending thoughts let “me” write these lines. Thus the universal force creates what we call “our life”.



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When in the last years people called on me and looked for assistance on their path of life, I again and again discovered that there was only one reason for all their problems. I called it then “lack of self-love”.

Today I have a different understanding of self-love. Now I appreciate it as the love to our Self. The Self is the expression of everything that exists and that is what life is about: to unconditionally love it as it is. This is peace.  

Most people feel unhappy about their lives’ circumstances. They are afflicted by feelings of guilt, fears of failure and are burdened with their education. Why do we always quarrel with our fate, why are we unsatisfied? Why do we believe that there is something wrong with us?

All our misery results from the belief, that we are independent creatures who could master their lives themselves. We do not sense that on the relative level of manifestation we are only the instruments of a musician, who plays his melody through our body-mind mechanisms. How could it be useful to the instrument to become upset, when the tune just being played does not please it? It would be of no help at all. We can only but practice surrender, abandonment to the Self, that what we are in reality. His will is done always and everywhere, so we can be at peace with it.

To be unhappy and to suffer means that we do not accept the divine will. That only produces further torment, because the whole life, as I experienced it, is predetermined. Wouldn’t it be better, then, to simply love life as it presents itself in the now and here? Why shouldn’t we love THAT, what is, as we cannot change it anyway? Thus self-love means the love to our own Self, to God and His creation. The word Self-love does not mean the love to our ego, to our imaginary personality. It stands for our acceptance of that that happens at the moment.

Self-love means to love our true essence, the power that we are in reality. This power is life ITSELF.

Why don’t we accept ourselves just the way  we are? God created billions of human beings, and each one is unique. No two beings exist which would be identical. That was the meaning and purpose of His creation that in reality is no creation, but is just a reflection in consciousness. Each being is one of a kind.  



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The Mystery of Life

All human beings were created in divine perfection, in accordance with their individual destination. Billions of beings exist who experience and express themselves in different ways according to their conditioning and programming. And the consciousness absorbs and processes simultaneously trillions of experiences made by these billions of beings. Thus it is impossible for us to understand the mystery of life, to grasp it with our limited mind.

On the level of our existence we will always experience the conditions at the basis of our uniqueness. This is part of the game. The actors slip into different roles and change their costumes. The essence, that expresses itself through this spectacle, is the same within all creatures.

Thus, welcome in the virtual reality. The infinite consciousness creates within itself a perfect illusion of the world, and observes itself from itself. God is all that exists. Everything is one. What more could our mind possibly experience about whom or what, if there is nothing that could be cognized beyond God, the eternal whole? Here there is no separation between you and me. The eye cannot see itself. Thus God picks up a mirror and observes and experiences himself within himself.

The impersonal consciousness creates limits to itself and bonds itself to all possible objects in order to experience individuality and the feeling of being separated, - to experience Being. The play of duality begins. In the game of polarity God himself has put this limitation upon himself. Therefore He is the only one who can dissolve these boundaries. In this act of Grace the individual consciousness discovers itself as the divine SELF, as the eternal I AM PRESENCE.