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Truth or lie

It is impossible to put the truth into words. Truth can be shown you, it can be absorbed by you, one can delve into it, dive into it, and merge with it – when one becomes silent. But even that is a lie. It is a lie, because one looks at it from the perspective of a being that is separated from truth. In truth, we are nothing else but the truth itself; THAT, which is eternal and absolute.

It is impossible to speak truthfully. One can only move within descriptions, which point to the truth, which, depending on the absolute or relative perspective, could be completely opposing, or different. As soon as a sentence is uttered, it should immediately be revised, and what one says subsequently is, to the surprise of others, exactly the opposite of what was said before. Paradox over paradox. In the realm of non-duality, logic is of no help.

Truth lies beyond human conception, and it cannot be described with human language. Our mind can neither explain, nor understand it. To understand the truth, one has to let go of one’s understanding.

So, to make myself clear: When I talk about “myself”, then I don’t mean “myself” at all, because the “me” as a person does not exist, since only ongoing processes exist. So, when I say “me”, I mean the big “I”, the Self, the eternal infinity, that I am. Therefore, in reality, I do not mean “me” but “THAT”, as IT continuously expresses itself in this relative life through this body-mind machinery.

When Gautama Buddha became enlightened, he did not want to speak. He was begged to speak; to please not disappoint the people, and to be compassionate. For days he weighed speaking and non-speaking, but could not find any point in favor of speaking. “They will misunderstand me for sure, and they will cast me out …” he said.

Fundamentally, there are always two answers to any question, depending on whether you look at it from the absolute perspective of the eternal Highest, or from the relative level of the illusive personality. So it appears, to the astonishment of the interlocutor, as if one lied incessantly, or as if one contradicted oneself constantly.

But not only that; not only do two different answers exist; there are also many diverging answers. Depending on which facet of the question one wishes to emphasize, what one focuses on, and depending on who one is speaking to, the answers are not only different, but can most certainly be totally contrary, which often shocks the observer. To the question “does God exist”, you could answer with “yes”, with “no”, or you could remain silent. Everything can be “correct” and truthful.





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Truth exists beyond our concepts of speech, and beyond all concepts and ideas of our limited understanding. One cannot talk about the truth; it can only be shown to us and perceived by us. Therefore, when one has recognized the truth, it is always a challenge to speak from the level of this new state of consciousness; to try to describe it as truthfully as possible. The only thing that could possibly be said truthfully is, that “I AM”; that “I” exist.

When one has recognized that the personal “I” never existed, and that it was only a construct that kept the illusion intact, then expressions like “I write”, “I read“… only describe the ongoing processes which are happening at this moment, and which were created the power of imagination of absolute consciousness.

The small personal “I” is therefore only a projection. It is nothing but a phantom, which is being projected by absolute consciousness onto absolute consciousness – onto itself -, since nothing but this consciousness exists. Therefore it would be appropriate to use the “IT”-form. This formulation would most closely approach the clarity and understanding of this subject matter.

Sometimes I would like to tell you something, but in the realm where I am, words are meaningless. And how often do you yourself not want to disturb the beauty, and the magic of silence with words? And so we can meet beyond human speech, in our hearts. We can recognize the truth, because we are in truth, the truth itself.

For this reason I prefer to remain silent about the truth rather than to speak about it. Silence is the language of God, and it is most easy to understand. If you want to know who you are, be silent. When the sage is silent, he is understood.

It is truly not easy to accept the truth. //  





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Most prefer to keep the veil of illusion intact, and they don’t want to know anything about the truth - they dislike facing the truth. It is much more comfortable to hide behind long-standing, but false certainties, because relinquishing old concepts is painful, and brings along chaos and uncertainty.

Who is really ready to devote himself and serve the truth, let alone to relinquish everything for the truth, or to give up the most precious thing one has – one’s own life? Certainly, only very few would do so; therefore not many in the world have recognized the truth and live it fully and completely. Who would want to be told that he does not exist, and that he has no free will? These ideas are not pleasant for anyone. One prefers to protect the conceited ego, and this ego fights again and again a completely meaningless battle.

And when one day, the ego has finally given up this fight, and the truth is realized through the Grace of the Highest, it is so mercilessly shocking, that a long time is needed until the mind, and a completely shattered nervous system, are able to come to terms with and completely accept it.

There is no description of the truth, because it cannot be described. One can only point towards it. Therefore, anything we say about the truth is untrue and a lie. Words destroy the truth.

It is the truth, that we cannot describe the truth, and what we can describe, is not the truth. Therefore one cannot speak about the truth. It is impossible to express truth with words. YOU CAN ONLY BE IT.