* Teaching *


Complete Devotion  


You have to completely devote yourself otherwise the mind cannot be destroyed.
The destruction of the mind and letting go of attachments are the prerequisites for your deliverance.
The mind has to be completely erased so give all your thoughts, feelings and opinions, your entire three-dimensional Being to the Divine.
Let go of all your ambitions, your fears, doubts, and worries, stop controlling and holding on and instead empty yourself completely.
Take out your entire mental garbage, speak no superfluous word.
Observe, don’t interfere in your own story, only react …remain in the quiet presence of the moment…hand over your entire thinking, feeling, and acting to the cosmic intelligence, to WHAT you truly are.
All this has to be done first, because the Ego is very strong and does not voluntarily let go of things.
As a result there are only few people who are truly ready for it and, at the same time, have the courage to walk the entire path, in order to be completely freed in this life.