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Regarding Wanting  


Wanting is force. Wanting is part of the violence of man; of young and of old. Wanting is aggression, a very aggressive and belligerent vibration to which one is exposed.

When one finds oneself here, in this immeasurably fineness and softness of Being, one is delighted with this bliss. One lives in the waves of grace. It is a gentle way of living: like waves in the ocean which move back and forth, in you flows the entire Universe.

Everything that comes from the outside is too rough. As one delves further and especially deeper, one becomes extraordinarily sensitive especially towards everything that emanates from others. When you turn inward, You transcend the relative, rough life and You turn towards the finer areas until You have transcended even the finest ones. You merge with the fineness of transcendental Being. You vibrate in this fineness; it is your own essence, You are One with It.

Everything else is too aggressive; even affection, tenderness, ties, language, human love, even all good intentions are simply too aggressive – it has the energy of power, of control and of wanting.