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WHAT I AM – aware BEING 


Question: Dear Soreia, I wish to BE free from constricting and limiting structures, and I wish to consciously be able to BE and live WHAT I AM!!!

Soreia: Please, consider that the absolute freedom you seek lies in accepting, or better said; it happens in the total devotion to life, when everything becomes of equal value to you as it happens. Only so can you reach absolute Freedom. This means, the relinquishing of all wishes, concepts, and ideas in Your life. Bliss sets in when man has completely shed all wishes, when he is fulfilled in Being, through Being alone. The freedom you seek is made of, or begins with, the inner non-reacting to Your life circumstances; remain instead grounded in Your Being.
As tensions manifest themselves in Your body, you can clearly perceive what still remains stored within you. As you learn not to react, these tensions, which emanate in the form of circulating thoughts from the nervous system, are dissolved step by step. Not reacting is the only way to truly change the situation, without the change having an additional negative impact on you. After you have learned to be with your tensions, to observe them, and to heal them, then the intellect gradually divides less, and you find yourself more and more above the polarity, grounded within your Self.
This also means to separate yourself from the action, because only so can you remain free from the influence of action, as a non-personal doer. Then the fruits of action do not leave a lasting impression on our spirit. When you forego the fruits of your action, you will be free from suffering.
This is the freedom that all mankind searches for, it is the One-Being in our spirit, the oneness with God, the fulfillment in this Self.