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The absolute, eternal Being


As it pertains to the divine, I see myself not as a human being, but as absolute awareness…the state of Being; this purity and softness cannot be described. The love alone…life expresses itself in waves of love, immeasurable love, all encompassing, powerful, wonderful love.

My deepest inner experience is that absolute, eternal Being is the Only real existence; in it the relative creation manifests itself as Maya, the play of consciousness within consciousness.

Almighty, absolute Being manifests itself in forms, human beings, attributes, phenomena, universes and worlds. But it is and remains absolute, eternal Being, in everything and in each one, the subtext, the essence of all.

For everything that happens does not really exist, but is only a momentary projection onto the canvas of the Absolute of the absolute Self.

Therefore, it is only a mirror image within absolute awareness – which we call the Self, impersonal God, or Being. This awareness is the origin of all existence. The basis of all, THE almighty Being, in which everything appears. An unchanging, eternal, and absolute reality.