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What is enlightenment?

(Note) The conversations of Soreia with her Czech students below are purely illustrative and cannot possibly capture the magic of the present moment. The concrete question is being answered by Soreia in such a way that the answer is exactly what is appropriate for you in this second for your concrete situation.

Sometimes I have doubts, I doubt what I do, I doubt everything.

There are two ways to transform this. Doubt the doubt. Ask: “who is the one who doubts?” Follow this thought to its origin and you will see that it dissolves itself in your heart. It is only your mind. Since all our thoughts spring from the source, directed by the divine, it is impossible to make a mistake, just as it is impossible to act against the divine will.  This means, the thought is not “our” thought, but the thought of the source, or God’s thought and we are only its receiver. We have no influence over our thoughts, over what we think, but instead of fighting against our thoughts, we can observe them. Doubts are. Just like many other things, which we experience in our life. Accept your doubts; that’s the second way. You are simply God, who happens to doubt at this moment. There is nothing wrong with it, nothing that is not OK.

I perceive my intuitive guidance, but I am not always 100% sure of it.

You cannot make a mistake. There exists only ONE guidance, which is manifested through our thoughts and impulses. Everything else is your illusion. All that happens occurs through divine Will. The mind is the content of awareness. Depending on whether your expectations were met or not, the mind interprets and judges this as a “right”, intuitive, or as a “wrong” decision. In fact, there is no other guidance; the impulses, as they emanate from the divine are meant to be transformed in our processes exactly as they are, in order for us to experience ourselves in our situations, and learn from our processes. Each thought is divine; nothing exists but awareness.

I apologize that I am so open, but I cannot expect help if I do not open myself. I do not want somebody to carry my backpack, my blockages, but perhaps you have hidden a key to my backpack, and you could throw it to me, give it to me, or loan it to me…it doesn’t matter. Perhaps then I would be able to throw away at least one part of the old stories “my old plunder”.

A true teacher won’t try to change you. He will love you exactly, as You are, because to him You are perfect. He sees you as a perfect, divine being. A true teacher knows that things are as they are.

He, who has at least a little maturity within himself, will not tell you what you can and cannot do; he will never act against your will. He will guide you to your true Being and he will help you remove the stones from your path, so you can recognize it. His only job is to show you that you are free Here and Now.

He will support you in your own decisions, no matter what they look like.  He, who acts differently follows only his own interests, and not the interests of existence. 



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What does the recognition of truth, self-realization, or enlightenment mean? What happens to me?

The recognition of truth is the recognition of who You truly are. You recognize your true nature and awaken from your life dream. You find what you were searching for and your searching is forever at an end. But the person, with whom the search began, is lost in the process. Only awareness remains, pure Being, Non-Knowing. Self-realization is not knowledge, but instead recognition, and a deep inner understanding that life is a mystery. It is a melting and becoming one with your true nature, with your unboundedness, a letting go and feeling secure and protected within the womb of Being; unfathomable, unknown, nourishing, blissful, so peaceful and mysterious.

Enlightenment does not mean that you can foretell the future, that you are all-knowing, or that you know what is going on within the mind of another. Those are normal abilities of the spirit such as Telepathy, or reading thoughts, or prophesying. You cannot produce it, acquire it, or attain it, because it is already there. You can only make room for it by removing your blockages, by being Here and Now to the best of your ability. Then the dream ends. Other than that, nothing happens. The organism lives on according to its specifications. You feel the sun and the wind in your hair, and if a dog bites your leg, you will scream like a tiger.

What happens during your Satsang and what happens during Darshan?

I call it Darshan when I am in silence and don’t speak. Darshan means the transfer of grace through eye contact. That’s why it is sometimes translated as a “look”.

When I speak or answer questions, I call this Satsang. Speech in this case is only a means to entertain, and serves the understanding of the mind. But even if I don’t speak, you don’t miss anything. My job is through my presence, through the power of grace to dissolve the boundaries of the limiting mind, to pull it into the spiritual heart, so that the heart can inflame itself within. That’s why the most powerful force is the power of silence; the divine in its own form. That’s why I prefer to be silent.

Both terms point to the meeting with a self-realized being. The terminology makes no difference; one can just as easily hold a silent Satsang. No difference exists.

I still have aggression and try to force things to the foreground through the Ego. Can you not help me, please, to let go of this, would so like to live in love?

Do not torture or condemn yourself because you have aggressions. They are part of our power and so a part of our human existence. Everything happens due to the divine will. Our reactions and way of thinking are a solid aspect of our mental conditioning and genes, which are predetermined by the divine. This means that when you act as you act, you act exactly as you were intended to from the perspective of the divine, meaning in accord with the divine will. We ourselves have no influence on it, because based on my realization, we have no free will, or in other words, our will happens in accord with the Will of the Divine. What you are in reality, and what you experience, is what you chose on the divine, absolute layer of your Being.



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I find that accepting the fact that everything that happens is happening in accordance with the Divine Will to be a great relief in our lives. No matter what game we may play on the relative plane of our existence, there the question of guilt has been forever answered. Do not trouble yourself about not being perfect; the Divine has created you in order to experience itself exactly the way it does through you and no other. All is perfect as it is, and consequently in harmony with the Source.  Every reaction is based on the law of nature, and so it is impossible for you to make a mistake.

So helping yourself when you have aggression is easy. Don’t be sad or judge yourself, because your reactions are not the way you thought they should be; we are all here to learn. Don’t fight yourself, accept your actions fully and completely with the understanding that His will is happening forever and everywhere. We can, or must react, and then we observe what happens as a result of our reaction to specific situations. We ourselves have no influence on the outcome of our actions, the results lie in God’s hand. So do what you must, act and react, whichever is appropriate for you. Be true to yourself in your behavior, follow your internal values and principles, and do not allow yourself to be led astray or twisted by threats or temptations. Always give your best, to the best of your abilities, and then let go. The rest lies not in your hand.

Love yourself as you are; you are a divine being. Your life and your reactions have been pre-ordained by God. When you love yourself, then you love God, who lives in your heart as your own I. When you have recognized that all is divine, you become humble. No matter where you look, you see the divine everywhere. The entire existence is divine.

I like being silly as much as I like “talking up Advaita-Sayings”, as long as both get their right dues, and neither one is given predominance.

Here is the question, who decides about predominance and what is the question of “right dues”? What has to be changed and by whom? A wise person laughs with those who laugh and cries with those who cry, dances with those who dance, or is silly with…because he knows, it is all only a play of consciousness; nothing needs to be controlled or changed, you can enjoy everything as long as it’s fun.

Only ever-changing processes exist; who knows how long they “last”? Who decides about predominance and what here is “right”? Life is not serious; the mind and its rules make it serious. Check here with yourself. What if everything was senseless, if there was nothing to achieve, if it did not receive its right dues, or become predominant?

If it develops out of its own, natural, bodily need for calmness and silence, change happens, no problem. When it pertains to right, being right, being wrong, or rules, then it is always ONLY the “mind”. As long as the rules do not spread to others, and are not artificially forced upon others against their own inner voice or convictions as a generally valid measure for partners, family, friends, etc. it is OK. As long as they do not become doctrines, rule or worse, are presented as a prescription, or life commandment for others, according to which they are expected to live, be assessed, or even judged, it is alright.


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Then who would know, what’s right or wrong for another; for the consciousness that lives in others? Who would presume to know? Only so can we find our peace; WE have to first MANAGE it AT HEART, namely in OUR SELF. IT IS NOT OUTSIDE (to be mastered in the sense of right or balance.)HE IS WITHIN US; WE ARE IT OUR-SELVES.

All of life IS (an uninterrupted) meditation, if lived correctly. What happens is IRRELEVANT; whether being silly, Advaita, Mediation, work, spiritual depth, or nonsense. When you know, WHO YOU ARE, then this depth is always there, YOU do not need change, You go nowhere, YOU ARE THE DEPTH; predominance only appears on the perimeter, from the perspective of a disconnected spirit.

I have to warn you, enlightenment is not knowledge, only Being, no rules, and nothing to do. You cannot describe it; it is fun, joy, nothing serious, and Your disappearance in the Here and Now. There is nothing to settle and nothing to do.

I do not at all oppose when YOU play the teacher, as long as it is natural, and not driven by an Ego, which I assume is the case with YOU…

AHA J JJJJ Sorry, but this had to be, but it is meant in a loving way. Having fun is a must.

When I say that I am now playing the teacher, I mean that IT is “playing” the teacher, since Marta, in fact does not exist. Therefore it plays IT so, as it plays. Nobody has any influence on it. For me there is no Ego, but I understand what you mean. Everything is directed by consciousness, and the conditioning known as Marta, Peter or Maria react. No Ego, no mind. ONLY thoughts, but we understand the terms Ego and mind more easily, and can “envision” them better. When pure consciousness exists, thoughts are either non-existent or the thoughts are expressions of our own conditioning, as with you. Nobody has any influence on what is being played, thought, who guides.

EVERYTHING is a play of consciousness within various conditionings. I always observe, as THAT I am, what I currently play as IT, or what is currently being experienced. This is what I, as absolute awareness, have chosen as witness and at the same time I live the life of “Marta”, an illusory personality on the relative level of Being.

Sometimes I think just like you: “Wow, pretty heavy…” but because of this, I can never again forget who I truly am. The absolute awareness.