* Awakening *


Who am I?

Q: I have been waiting for this exchange. Thank you for writing to me. You write: “Don’t worry, be happy”. So, I should not worry. Perhaps I worry, perhaps I am happy…perhaps I don’t exist at all.

A: Sure. I am simply playing with words, as they arise within me. It is not meant to be so serious.

Q: I enjoy speaking with you. It is as if I was speaking to myself. Or God loves me, or better said: God is talking with God. It sounds very foreign.

A: It happened to me the same way. It was always a joy for me too, from the beginning. We all speak only with our own Self. That is the truth. God meets God. Better said; God meets himself.

Q: I feel that something wonderful is happening with me. I am disappearing. You say it is not good for me to think that there is an “I”.

A: No, that’s a misunderstanding. I speak only from truth, I only give impulses. Nothing more. I never speak in categories of right and wrong. From where would I know what is “good” for you? Only God knows this. No judgments. Everything is O.K. There is a total acceptance for every human being.
I only asked you: “Do you know?”  Have you truly experienced that you do not exist? That was my question.  Once you have had that experience, then you don’t need anybody to confirm it. That’s unnecessary. Once you have truly discovered that the snake is a rope, you don’t need anybody to confirm it. It’s completely unnecessary! Ridiculous! Because YOU KNOW IT.
That’s knowledge, and not thinking. That’s Self-Realization. Nothing Else. The Only thing you need to discover is that you do not exist at all. Not with your head. Obviously, you cannot do it with your head; discover that there is no enlightenment. Nobody can become enlightened, and all are enlightened. Enlightenment is Your own nature.
It doesn’t come and go, it’s always Here. You cannot hold on to it, you can only be it. SIMPLY BE. That’s Awakening; realizing, that an Awakening does not exist. There is no one. No one at home, who could be awakened. Paradox after Paradox.

Q: But I believe only God exists.

A: Exactly. But “He” does not exist either!!! No one who sits on the cloud. This is the next and probably the ultimate paradox.
It only means that existence is intelligent. The final truth is: NOTHING IS.




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Q: It is so difficult to talk with you, because I write to You, what I write.

A: When YOU speak to me as a channel, as “no mind”, no problem. NEVER.

Q: They are not my words, because I have no control over what I am writing. And You do not control what you write either. Everything comes out of Nothing, out of awareness. That’s the play of God.

A: Wonderful!!!! I love speaking with myself JJJJJJ Nobody here. Only God. Isn’t that crazy?

Q: Yes, yes, yes, please write to me!!! I feel as if I were dying. But I also feel that I never existed. I mean, Paul, as an individual, never existed.
I think it was about a week ago. I was deep in sleep, and then, all of a sudden, I woke up and went to the bathroom. That awakening was as if the universal awareness suddenly discovered itself within a body, and the awareness said to itself: “Wow. That’s a body, that’s Paul, but it is only a dream within awareness”. It was so strong.

A: Awesome…a quiet mind; to reach the so-called “sattvic mind”. That’s a preparation for awakening.

Q: Yes, yes, perhaps I am not awakened now, but it is coming. It’s here already. It’s now playing with me here.

A: Surrender to THIS. Give Your entire fire, everything you have to enlightenment. Let It burn.  It will accomplish its work on its own. Give everything You have, then the light of Self will emerge forever, and shine through You.

Q: I believe, everybody is perfect, because everybody is a part of this dream, and this dream is being dreamed by only one awareness.

A: Exactly.

Q: So it makes no difference, if somebody is happy or sad, since the sadness and happiness only occur in the dream.

A: We will always feel both poles of the polarity; that’s what makes us human. That’s life in material form. That’s human-BEING. No problem, when we learn to live in peace with all this experience. Peace is the point.

Q: I do not believe that free will exists. NOT ONE free will. Each free will is part of the dream and of the individuality.

A: Exactly. The apparent, illusory free will exists only in relation to the apparent, illusory individuality.
I look forward to our next conversations.