* Truth *


You can only be the truth

Who really would voluntarily allow “his own” life to be wiped out?

Who would want to be told that he does not exist, and that he has no free will?

These ideas are not pleasant for anyone. One prefers to protect the conceited ego, and the ego fights again and again a completely meaningless battle.

And when one day, the ego has finally given up this fight, and the truth is realized through the Grace of the Highest, it is so mercilessly shocking, that a long time is needed until the mind, and a completely shattered nervous system, are able to come to terms with and completely accept it.

There is no description of the truth, because it cannot be described. One can only point towards it. Therefore, anything we say about the truth is untrue and a lie.

Words destroy the truth.

It is the truth, that we cannot describe the truth, and what we can describe, is not the truth.

Therefore one cannot speak about the truth. It is impossible to express truth with words. YOU CAN ONLY BE IT.

Soreia ♥ ♥ ♥