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From the Darshan in Prague, June 2011

Every person yearns for happiness. This is our very natural desire. There is nothing wrong with us looking for happiness. But the mistake lies in the fact that we seek happiness outside of ourselves. The happiness we find on the outside is only temporary. Such is the law of nature. And in the world of opposites everything changes constantly. But what each of us is looking for is lasting happiness that can satisfy us forever. And this, we already carry within ourselves. It is our natural longing for home, to return to unity, to silence and peace - to return home. Each of us carries this longing within; this force that drives us, that drives each of these bodies, each of you, is the force of Unity. And it is the only force that exists. In Unity there is no creation, and in order for creation to exist, that which would be visible must fall outside of Unity. So that we can see ourselves, and so that we can communicate, we must first fall out of Unity. This means that we find ourselves in the world of forms, in the world of opposites and in the world of duality. And in vain we look for our happiness, peace, tranquility and peace in other forms.

But it is impossible to find happiness in other forms, which fell out of Unity, just as we did. Our only possibility to reach home is to return to ourselves, to our highest “I”, to what we all are. We search for happiness in relationships, in family, we try to realize ourselves, but we see that it does not work. The world is designed so that it does not work, because if we were to find happiness in the world, we would never return to our Source. And the only lasting happiness is the happiness of our own nature, the happiness which we will find in the Absolute. When we are in the body, in this world, it is possible to attain Unity, but not by means of external forms; instead we reach it within ourselves.

It is the only way to merge with the universe, to merge with what we are. The way we exist in this world, we imagine that we are somebody. Here exists some “I”, which tries to incessantly exist in the world. But if we look closely, we discover that this “I” does not really exist, but that it manifests itself under certain conditions. When we look at these conditions, we see that in our body different reactions occur; specific tensions arise depending on how we react to the external world. But each of you has the possibility to embark on your way home, aware and mindful that we can observe how life teaches us, from morning to night in all situations.




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And our reaction to certain situations shows us what is still unresolved within us and what still ties us to the idea of human consciousness. But when we are willing to look at this internal pressure; at what we want to get rid of, and what we reject, then we find that underneath, there lies nothing but Being, as consciousness. And the pressure is really nothing more than thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Behind every emotion, whether it is positive or negative hides our own I. It is as if we wanted to draw in the sand. Imagine that we are on this giant, endless beach. And what can we draw in the sand?  Simply everything. And if we draw a shape in the sand, then this form becomes visible and it falls out of unity. But the form is forever linked with its own substance. And so it is with the Absolute. We become visible in this world, but the truth of what we are, our own substance, is absolute Being. If we want to return home and reach absolute, lasting peace, it is necessary to “untie” our stresses and our tensions in the body, because we have many years of old patterns stored in our body which lead us to react in certain ways. We have saved old pain, the rejection of what we do not like, certain expectations, which we defend ourselves against. And as a result of these old patterns, human consciousness arises.

And when, step by step, we dissolve these patterns, and one day there is no more reaction, then there remains only the beauty of unity and the beauty of our being. And that is what each of you is. Nothing other than Being exists. Awareness. Just like me, each of you is this awareness. And when I am with you, and would like to look at something, then I look for you within myself. I look into myself, because you exist in me, just as I exist in you. And so I ask you, if possible, that you give me your pain. Because, those emotions in particular; those old wounds and the inability to forgive others slow us down. And that's what holds us in human existence. The only way to return back home is to use these emotions; the willingness to look at what I defend myself against, at what hurts, and to resolve those emotions. And after their resolution remains the beauty of our Being.




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The path of enlightenment is not easy, it's hard. It is not intended for cowards. It is challenging to look in every corner, but nature is merciless. This force illuminates everything, and if we have not released all, it is not possible to permanently live within absolute Being. Even if you recognize who you are and you have not dissolved your tensions, you remain as someone who has realized, someone who knows that he is without an “I”, but you do not permanently reach lasting peace. The release would not take place until after the death of the body. And that is why, in my opinion, the only thing that matters, is the ultimate release. And that's the path that I follow, and that is my experience. Our physical system, our physical shell has stored a great many traumas and pain. And as people live in this day and age, it happens that our system tries to maintain itself continuously because it fears being destroyed. And so one compulsion follows another, and no one is aware of this.

And if we stop, and have the possibility to reflect, we recognize our old and useless patterns. And this is my invitation!