* Unity *


Flow with life

Life will evolve naturally in the direction intended for you, if you allow it. Even if you do "not allow" it, "HE" always has you in tow. No chance!

How could you miss it? All the thought impulses you need are communicated to you. If you go against life as it is, you only develop an unnecessary resistance and beat yourself bloody on the stones in the river of life.

What information is available to you is exactly what you need. Do not unnecessarily worry that you are not omniscient. All is perfect, so that you can experience your life as it is meant for you, and as you should experience it.

Events will happen. Simply observe and allow life to run its course. Flow with life. Do not think your way through life. Be simple! Stay in the here and now, in the powerful presence of the moment. Everything else is done for you. You are in the best hands. You are Pure Consciousness. You are THAT. Do not worry, live your dream life.