* Unity *



When the soul returns home, the light inexorably demands its tribute. For the eternal merging with the immeasurable divine love beyond human imagination, you pay with the extinction of your life and of your own will. In this way, nature returns us home ... This is the alchemy of human life.

So allow your heart to be broken a thousand times. Thank all those who have hurt you so very much, who could not see you in your wisdom, purity, clarity, and innocence, those who attacked, hurt, or treated you in an undeserving manner. Thank all of them for all your tears, because in the release of your deepest pain lies your hidden wealth.

When one does not grant you the place you deserve in the world, leave the world with a deep pain of sadness. Then it is even easier to return home and to turn forever to the divine love.

So also honor your dramas with their deep pain. These are the stairs that lay themselves under your feet so that you can ascend even higher, to the Kingdom of God...