* Unity *


Law of nature

The whole universe is governed by one law.

It exists regardless of whether you know it, believe it or not. It is very easy to determine if you live in accordance with this law or not.

If you follow this law, you will be happy; your life will be heaven on earth. Through it you can see if you are in harmony with nature, if you are following the Supreme Will. If you live as it is intended by nature for you, you live in harmony, you feel as if you were in heaven. If a person follows this law of nature, it is felt by all; from him emanates a vibration of joy, kindness, love and harmony.

If you act against this law, you start to suffer and your life becomes hell. This hell is then your state of mind, because you are fighting the law of nature. Whenever you are unhappy, you have broken this law somewhere, you are in conflict with nature.

So if you're not happy, look at your life and see where you are in conflict with the law, where you acted against the natural course of things, and where you turned away from this law.

The law punishes no one; man punishes himself, through his own actions against nature.