* Love *


United in love

My dear friend,

again and again I am united with you in love, and out of this love I embrace you again and again.

In this love, one experiences that there is nothing to search for. In this love, everything is contained - and we are this love. To simply be as we are, that's more than enough. We cannot become what we already are. I tried it again and again. What an illusion!

When you stop searching, you'll find everything; it lies beyond what we believed we were. All these are only illusions of our minds. The mind always draws us back into this illusion, and we believe it to be the truth. What a cosmic joke!

The beautiful moments that you experienced with me, those are just moments that point to the truth. But even they are not real. They are not what you really are.

All that, you cannot grasp with the mind, because the mind can never understand it - it is not the truth itself.

When you stop fighting, you allow life to reveal itself as it is- with all the pain and all the beauty. Only so can you become ONE with the river which takes you to the ocean.

Hold on and accept what is, and ask yourself at this moment in your life: "What would make me happy," If there are ever different concepts of this, of what should be done, then you can be sure that the heart is the truth, and the head is the lie.

Follow the truth of your heart. Follow this energy, then you will be one with the river and the river will lead you to the ocean. It cannot do otherwise. It is only doing its job, to be ... When you're in this truth, when you love what is, then you stop suffering. This is the only way to leave duality and become one with existence. To become one with what you've always been. You just haven’t seen it.





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Just being happy, in every moment, no matter what it offers. Simply be, in the here and now. No future, no past, no goals, no visions ... Simply be, what freedom! A divine dance - and God leads.

I embrace you in this love, in this freedom, and in this truth. I look at you and see only love. I look at you and see only my own Self. You are what I am. It was only an illusion of the mind that it was ever different.

Simply be. Oneness with the entire existence. Timelessness. What infinite patience is unfolding. How could it be otherwise?

SIMPLY BE- Doing nothing. A doing in which nothing is left undone.

All experiences are welcome. I'm making room for the divine and it will unfold its work. I have never been able to do anything; it has always been so, even though I always told myself differently.

Everything always occurs as it should, regardless of free will or not…Nobody exists who could do anything. This is only the illusion of the mind.

I am also not the same I was two weeks ago. There is no directive that I have to help. It has never existed. The only directive, which wasn’t one, was: "just be". Only for that are we here!

Everything is as it is, and it is perfect. It has always been perfect, in every moment. Only I did not see it. All of the concepts disappear. What freedom! I am no longer the one you knew.

What freedom to be a nobody. 
Let us celebrate life!

In love, 

February 2004