* Free Will *



Guilt has become my favorite subject. 
This topic fascinates me so much that, with a smile on my lips, I like to chat about this human experience. Once, a self-proclaimed "scapegoat", berated me for making a mockery of this topic.

Be that as it may, in fact, this topic does appear to be ridiculous, given the fact that guilt can only exist from the perspective of a separated, independently acting individual.  According to my realization, there is no one who could have free will. If there is no one who could have free will, who then could be made to feel guilty?
Most people suffer from feelings of guilt which were already implanted in them in early childhood through their upbringing. Through their energetic calling card with the large headline "Guilt", they offer others a great place of attack.

Through my deep struggle with the topic "Free Will", a sudden and surprising, spontaneous clarification of the true question of guilt occurred.  The topic "guilt" dissolved completely within its own realization when I read a scientific article on recent findings in neurobiology and brain research according to which an impulse to action exists long before it is recognized by the mind as a thought.  So, if we receive the impulse to act in the brain before the conscious decision is made to act then we must inevitably ask the question: "Who am I?", or better, “Who or what is this "I" at all?"

This question arose one day in me also and led to the recognition of my true nature. If the brain functions as a receiver and not a transmitter of this information, by necessity, that which I am must be the source of the information, namely an "infinite nothing" which could also be described as "pure consciousness", or "awareness", or "God," "Divine Self", etc., if a label must be used at all for the purpose of technical explanation.

So, if I am pure consciousness and in the part of the person Marta that I play, having no free will, all actions are determined by pure consciousness, i.e. by God and the "I", who I thought I was, is only an instrument through which the Divine experiences and manifests itself.

So, if the simple fact is understood that the brain serves only as a receiver of information, who or what could still exist and have free will? No one! 

Who would be able to act independently, if there is nobody except consciousness?  Who, after taking action, would feel guilty for his action?

The question of guilt is totally absurd at this point. It can only exist as illusion in the imagination of a creature that mistakes itself for a separate individual.

Therefore, I cannot promise anyone today that I'll never smile when it comes to clarifying an alleged guilt.
I know that in some people the feelings of guilt sit very deep. So deep, that they cannot even accept the simple fact that there is no guilt. Unfortunately, they do not possess the willingness to open themselves to this perspective, for fear of losing their imaginary power of control over their "own" life.
“Whose life?” we can ask ourselves. What you think you are has no life. By that, I mean your body with all its physical and mental functions. It was not even born!  In a sense, it is not even real, but only appears in your life dream.

God willing, man will be able to acknowledge and accept freedom from guilt for himself when he is willing to let go of his own guilt. This willingness is also subject to the divine will.