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Myth: "enlightenment" and "free will" 

The “I” cannot become enlightened, since in reality it does not exist. There is no one who could be enlightened, just as there is no one who could be unenlightened. And you, of who you believe that you are it, you are not it. A perfect illusion. At the moment of truth, which breaks over one so mercilessly, is revealed such an overwhelming and at the same time shocking, but still freeing experience, which transcends time and boundaries; the realization that you do not exist. And free will? But for who? If no one exists, who could have free will…?

Question: What does the realization of truth, self-realization, or enlightenment mean? What happens to me?

Soreia: The realization of truth is the discovery of who you really are. You recognize your true nature and awaken from your life dream. You find what you were searching for and your search is forever ended. But the person, with whom the search began, is lost in the process. Only consciousness remains; pure being, not knowing. Self-realization is not knowledge, but rather recognition and a deep inner understanding that life is a mystery. It is a sinking into and becoming one with your true nature; with your infinity, a relaxation, a feeling of being sheltered and cared for in the heart of being – unfathomable, unknown, nourishing, blissful, so peaceful and mysterious.

Enlightenment does not mean that you can predict the future, that you are omniscient, or that you know what occurs in the mind of others. These are faculties of the mind, such as telepathy, or mind reading, or fortune telling. You cannot bring about, develop, or acquire enlightenment, because it is already there. You can only make room for it by removing you blockages, by being here and now to the best of your ability.

Then the dream ends. Other than that, nothing happens at all. You feel the sun and the wind in your hair, and if a dog bites your leg, you're going to scream like a tiger. The organism then lives on according to its intended purpose. The focus is now to anchor the new knowledge of your own divinity, the new awareness, in the conditioning of the mind and the body, and then to integrate it in the nervous system, so that the whole body-mind mechanism is lit up with this power and brings it to the outside and radiates it so that the beauty and bliss of absolute, pure consciousness can be brought into relative human life.

Question: But seriously - you write: "We ourselves have no influence over it, because according to my realization, we have no free will; i.e. our will is done in accordance with the will of the divine." Who am I?

Soreia: That is really hard to say. THE, the absolute consciousness. Undefinable, incomprehensible, indescribable. You will never know it; one can only remain silent about it. All statements that one can make about it are not the truth. You can only experience it as a mystery, and it will always remain a mystery. It is a not-knowing. The eye, which observes, cannot see itself. If you were to define yourself, you would limit yourself. You are limitless, without beginning and without end. Everything is at the same time everything else. You are awareness; nothing exists outside of consciousness. Therefore, you are ALL, and all happens within you, as a reflection of Being.




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Question: Does God have free will? Do I, as God, have free will?

Soreia: The concept of freedom and bondage exists only on the level of duality. On the absolute level, we are beyond the contrast of freedom and bondage. God is unity. A sole and only subject. Therefore, God cannot want what he wants. There is nothing second that he might want; that would be polarity. Polarity exists within unity as a reflection in consciousness and is therefore unreal. God looks at himself in the mirror within himself so to speak. Polarity arises as illusory separation within the self. Everything that happens occurs within unity, within the absolute consciousness and is only reflected in it. The divine fragments on the relative plane of existence gain the apparent idea of an independent, separate existence from God. So, the divine consciousness only becomes aware of a fragment of itself in order to experience the apparent duality. The illusively separated fragments then take themselves for independent beings, and every being dreams his dream. At the same time, each of these fragments is part of the whole, the divine, and cannot exist alone by itself outside of itself. It is a blinding, an imaginary world and therefore nonexistent. An illusory world and the Self is only the spectator.

Question: Is there a difference between me and God?

Soreia: There is no me and you. There is no Martin and no God. It just appears to be so as long as you have not recognized your real being; so long as you take yourself for a person, for an independent entity that, separated from God, can exist alone. The idea that you exist is pure illusion that I am sorry to take away from you. This is my job. Self-realization is the distinction between what one appears to be and who one really is. In reality, you do not exist as a person. What does not exist has no will, either free or bound. We, the people do not live, but are instead lived through the power of imagination of consciousness. People arise only from thoughts and emotions that we hold for our own. When you have explored this, you will see that you are not the one you thought you were. You will realize that you are the canvas onto which ever new images are projected. But you are THAT which only perceives all and that which IS. Man is, but not as he appears to be. In reality, he is the Self, Atman, God. Everything that exists is consciousness. Nothing can exist outside of consciousness. And you are THAT, pure consciousness, the Self. The self is free, pure, perceiving, unchained consciousness, which confirms everything.

Question: Can I understand this at all?

Soreia: The mind will never understand it. You can understand the concept, but the concept is not the truth. All that one can express is a lie and not the truth. We can only approach the truth. A real understanding comes one day through recognition, when the veil is lifted, and when you have discovered for yourself that you never really existed as a person. In that moment you realize that you are pure consciousness. The person who you thought you were disappears, only pure consciousness remains. It is a sudden, spontaneous event where the divine dissolves the consciousness of separation, the feeling of being an independent entity. That is the only understanding you need. You don’t have to know anything. This deep inner realization of who you really are, this no one can ever take away from you; you need no confirmation. Then YOU KNOW IT. When the mind is gone, enlightenment comes. The deep inner recognition is the true understanding. The mind is transcended and dissolves within the not-knowing. This not-knowing is true realization and stands above all.