* Illusion and Ego *


Mind and polarity


Life in polarity means for most people, a life in the mind between the two poles of good and evil.

Nothing is so intensely promoted as our minds, and from the very beginning; in our childhood, education and later in our career.

I created my advisory activity based on my intuition and after I had spoken for several hours from the level of universal consciousness, there arose an indignant being in me which could not understand how I could totally ignore my mind.

This being had not understood that, just as the moon is illuminated by the sun, the mind’s ability to think is solely given by consciousness. The mind is the content of consciousness. Actually, the mind does not exist as we imagine it. It is only a collection of thoughts; a concept that we ourselves created in our own illusion.

The challenge of being human in polarity is to grow beyond polarity.  Only so can we "overcome" the world of opposites. We can go beyond polarity only when we learn to accept the contradictions of human life; when we are ready to love what is.

Become the observer of your life and of all that happens in your     environment. Stay firmly anchored in the silence of your eternal presence and do not react. Simply observe what happens.

If you practice, this ability will continue to develop and you are no longer trapped in your thoughts and emotions.

When this observation has deepened enough, one day even the observer himself disappears, and then you will dwell in pure awareness, and feel continuously supported in the Here and Now. You will see that the world appears in you and you will be home. You are already home now. You never left your home. You just don’t know it yet. Therefore, I want to remind you again today.

You are free Here and Now. You have always been free. Because there never existed anyone who was imprisoned.