* Illusion and Ego *


Regarding the human "self"


After recognition of the truth, it became clear that the small human "self" consists only of compulsions that are based on the primal fear; the fear of death.  The only motivation of the human system is to constantly create a survival strategy which is based on and adjusted to suppress our fears and pain within ourselves, and not to feel.  

Each non-fulfillment of our own obsessive ideas puts the ego on alert. From this never-ending drive for self-preservation, from our own unhealed hurt, from our primary fear, arises the seeming human being. When the self-awareness of this process occurs, at about the same time healing happens through the deep inner willingness to consciously turn to our own wounds.

Through this self-awareness, whose nature is nothing but loving attention, human compulsion and their resulting artificial structures are no longer supported and LIFE CREATES A BALANCE.