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The maternal aspect of the Holy Spirit  


The energy that created man is the HOLY SPIRIT which pervades and supports him. Everything on earth is nourished by the Holy Spirit, and in fact by its maternal aspect.

This aspect we MUST integrate fully and completely.

If we have not reconciled ourselves with the theme mother, if we have not reconciled ourselves with our mothers, - and this I see in most people - then we cannot bring salvation to this aspect of the Holy Spirit in us and we remain caught in the veil of illusions and compulsions.

Work in the shadows shows us that we look for our mothers all of our lives. This unconscious search for the mother propagates itself in a woman, through sex, or in her child, where we try to live out our childhood deficits. Therefore, it is indispensable that we turn to this topic in order to heal it, if we want to return home.