* Creation & Natural Law *


Partnership in accordance

with Natural Law  


Personal love between lovers is subject to the laws of creation.  The absolute eternity splits into two parts on our planet, male and female. The female embodies the subtle and sensitive, and the male the rough, not so sensitive. So, the lovers are in effect polar opposites.

A woman is by nature much more delicate and has a much finer nervous system, and thus a different perception than a man. She embodies the creative divine principle, and stands as giver and preserver of life at the top of creation. She has the potential and ability to bring the power of Divine Mother to earth.  A man, according to the Law of Creation, is the performing part who actively executes what the woman has conceived, and what she would like to create.

A woman, in her femininity and purity has the function of a superconductor. Through her ability to perceive the immediate divine will, she functions as a mediator and ambassador of the divine will between the worlds. She lives simultaneously in both worlds, and builds the bridge from the earthly to the spiritual. She has the ability to be immersed in the divine will, to perceive it, and to act accordingly. To avoid misunderstandings: we are not talking about an arbitrary act of violence, or a rule, but an act of absolute devotion and self-surrender to the divine will and to the laws of creation.  The female, in her state of being, has access to the divine will, and the ability to reverberate in this divine will. This purity is the prerequisite for the reception of the divine will, and the laws of creation. This purity is divine.

With her ​​man, the woman builds a unit. True strong masculinity never shows itself other than in the form of protection and tender consideration towards true femininity. The more spiritually advanced the man is, the more loving he becomes, and the more these values ​​and his role as protector of his wife show themselves.

Genuine masculinity shows itself as respectful tenderness towards femininity, which reverberates in purity. Pure Divine Love, paired with modesty and humility. Gentle thoughtfulness, no wanting, no controlling, no hurting, but only pure love which knows nothing and wants nothing but the welfare of the other beloved partner.

Due to the sexual connection, very strong, invisible forces exist between a woman and a man, which influence both. The partners form an energetic unit. One partner lives in the other, and energetically speaking, becomes a part of the other’s being. Through physical love, the two lovers bring spirit to earth, and thereby contribute to the revival of spirit in matter. Matter becomes aglow with Spirit. The sexuality of man and woman creates a very deep connection; the lovers are intertwined. Both persons take a part of the essence of the other into themselves.

As an inseparable unit, man and woman together form the first hierarchy, founded on the principle of mutual loyalty. Beneath lie the hierarchy of children and other family members. These hierarchies are subordinated to the unity of man and woman, and their common interests and life goals.

This allocation arises from the will of God as to how these forces act in harmony with each other. This way of life is provided for the purposes of creation. When it is enlivened, respected, and applied, it unfolds in vibrating harmony in the joint life of the couple. Such happy relationships are not only a gain for the entire Being, but for all of mankind.