* Satsang Experiences *


Time with Soreia



Dear Soreia, once again a heartfelt thank you for the intense days with you in Schledehausen. You - You and the spirit world, with which you are in contact, - have greatly impressed me. It was the most intense spiritual experiences of the last 25 years of my life. Now, I am again in the middle of the polar world of work, but it no longer pulls me down as before.

A report of my experience follows:

At a point where I was experiencing fatigue, tiredness, and depression (also known as the burnout syndrome), and believing to have almost lost all meaning in life, a good friend recommended Soreia. She showed me a photo of her, and immediately I had the impulse to contact Soreia.

First, we made an appointment via Skype. I told her my personal and professional situation and then she asked me a few questions with which she led me to the level of feeling, in order to initiate a transformation process from there.

Then Soreia strengthened me with energies from the spiritual world, and with various Bach flower essences which she sent to me purely by spiritual transmission via the morphogenetic field. After about one hour of conversation and energy work, I already felt greatly strengthened and stabilized. Then Soreia invited me to the next Satsang which was scheduled the following weekend in Schledehausen.

There, in a group of like-minded people, I immediately felt very comfortable. Harmony and peace surrounded me, and the burdens of everyday life completely fell away from me. In another conversation with Soreia, more transformation processes were triggered during the weekend.

The highlight for me, however, - from a purely temporal perspective – were the few minutes at the end of the event, when Soreia requested the presence of the Virgin Mary, and channeled her divine blessings and love. Although it was only a few minutes, the time seemed like a small eternity to me, and what happened there, I can only very superficially describe with words. Mary touched our hearts and our souls so deeply and intensely that hardly anyone was able to hold back their tears.

They were not tears of sorrow, but tears of bliss that reminded all of us of our true home, as if heaven was bowing to earth and Mary calling out to us: "See, what you experience here is your true nature, you are in your essence pure love. Come back to your SOURCE from which we all are. We are expecting you, and wish to be united with you forever in this SOURCE."

I think anyone who drinks once from this SOURCE Soreia gave us, will not be the same and will align his subsequent life to follow the desire of his soul.


Herbert B. from Bamberg