Hottenbach Mill


The Hottenbach Mill - An Oasis of Peace and Quietness

The Hottenbach Mill is a beautiful place in the Hunsrück mountain range in Rhineland-Palatinate, surrounded by 35,000 sq m of woods and meadows. Here, those interested in spiritual growth have the opportunity to partake in Satsangs, retreats and consultations with Soreia and relax and regenerate in this unique environment.



Hottenbach Mill


The premises offer visitors the opportunity to talk with like-minded people and above all, to immerse themselves in deep stillness. The house invites for spending time together near the warm fireplace in the parlor of the mill and to have a cup of tea in the cozy kitchen. For those who prefer quietness and solitude, a meditation room with lounge chairs is available for relaxation.



Hottenbach Mill


From the windows of the mill, one can admire the untouched landscape and observe the beauty of Mother Nature and the free-roaming animals. Visitors value this retreat as a safe haven with an original flair and a special energy. Nature and the gardens around the mill invite them to relax below the fruit trees and walk the many beautiful, partly untouched wooded trails in the National Park Idar Forest.

Accomodations in the vicinity can be found here at the Nationalpark Rhaunen.


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